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No More Paper. Thats SportNinja

Stay on top of the game with one of SportNinja's features, Mobile Scoring. Our real-time results give you accurate and up-to-date information, so you can make informed decisions on the fly. Keep your team in the loop and celebrate your victories with ease.

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Mobile Scoring

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Whether its overtime, a shorthanded goal, or a shootout, sportninjas mobile scoring feature is the best way to score all your league games right from your mobile device. Every goal, penalty and shot can be scored and seen through our timeline feature while tracked into the statistics of your league, team and individual players.

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Digital Scoresheet

As it is long past overdue dealing with the annoying paper scoresheets, using SportNinjas scoring feature automatically fills all the statistics into the paper scoresheet without you having to touch it.

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Whether you are watching the game or checking your phone on who scored, the Timeline shows you every stat from every second of the game, never missing a goal.

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Livestreaming and Highlights

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Livestreaming the game connects directly with all the stats being recored through the sportninja scoring feature as when you enter a goal being scored, itll automatically upload that goal being scored right to the players profile

Some more features...

Playoffs and Tournaments

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League Management

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