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Our development team is hard at work right now building the the best-in-class and most user-friendly platform possible.

The SportNinja Platform was designed for the cloud. We leverage global connectivity and scalability to allow our applications to serve a mass audience worldwide. As we embrace new sports and engage wider communities, our platform is designed for performance and growth. We use Amazon cloud services extensively, from secure access, through workhorse load-balanced servers, to stable and secure database engines.

Our platform uses an API-based access, across an encrypted communication tunnel, with the intent of making application service fulfillment client-technology-agnostic. Our web apps, iOS® or Android® native client apps all “speak” to the same back-end. While the user experience may be different on the client-side, fit for purpose and custom to the user’s device, on the server-side, the platform crunches the same traffic.

The API remains private presently, however, we envision a near future where subset of the functionality will be released under SportNinja SDK, allowing trusted partners to extend app offerings on top of our SportNinja platform.