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Looking to join a great team?

We currently only have one job posted below - but will be hiring more talented people in the very near future. If you are passionate about sports, technology, improving the participation of children in athletics, and helping the volunteers that make it run - please send us a note and start a conversation.

SportNinja has grown to recognize an even greater need for positive community engagement - and that starts by providing leagues and volunteers with well-designed digital tools that will make their lives easier.

Open Positions:

Lead Programmer / Director of Development

SportNinja is looking for an experienced Lead Developer with a minimum of 10 years experience building and shipping applications, and at least 5 years as a Lead Programmer.

The right candidate will be joining an existing strong team of skilled, experienced, and motivated engineers and creatives. Our platform is gaining momentum quickly and we require a Rock-Star Dev who is prepared to take a hands-on leadership role. Applicants must thrive in a fast-moving company, and capable of leading aggressive sprints to deliver a quality product on-time.

Our experienced executive team of founders will: offer an attractive package to the right candidate; invite them to join us at our new office in Railtown; and enjoy working together to build THE platform that will lead Youth and Amateur Sports into the future.

One important note: As mentioned, we already have a team of Senior Developers in their specific disciplines who are building a great product. We are not looking for someone to babysit a young team, nor are we looking for a “hands off the keyboard” General. We are looking for an experienced Commander who will get in the trenches and write code while setting a clear technical battle plan.

We are developing with:

  • Swift 4 with moya
  • Kingfisher and swiftgen
  • JS with React
  • PHP7 with Laravel
  • Redis
  • mySQL

And working with:

  • Fastlane
  • Jira
  • Git flow
  • AWS

Formally educated engineers or self taught Jedi coders are welcome….show us your stuff!