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SportNinja started as a simple idea - to develop great technology to help the non-profit organizations and their hard-working volunteers overcome the headaches associated with "official" paper scoring and reporting tools.

As active amateur sports community members, our founders know first-hand the myriad of tasks that coaches and managers must accomplish to satisfy league requirements. However, after spending a year interviewing amateur league executives, registrars, coaches, managers, and of course players - we learned that there was a much larger opportunity to build and support a community around amateur sports.

SportNinja has grown to recognize an even greater need for positive community engagement - and that starts by providing leagues and volunteers with well-designed digital tools that will make their lives easier.

Once we have eradicated the paper hassles from sports - we believe we will have set the stage for a community platform that will have benefits for all stakeholders. Imagine a world where gamesheets, injury reports, stats tracking, safety checklists, are all a thing of the past. This will allow the focus to shift to the player, the team, and the growth of sport.

As a Community focused Platform, SportNinja will connect athletes of all ages to development opportunities, injury management tools, and geolocated services. Our goal is to provide every athlete with the tools and resources that will best support their personal growth and enjoyment.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this journey, and will be sharing much more in the near future. Please sign-up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, or just send us an email to say hello. We look forward to building this community together.